You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

Q: Can I get another copy of the owner’s manual?

A: Yes. Please click here to download. The password is GetBackOnYourFeet . 

Q: Is it possible to purchase a CanDesk frame without the tabletop?

A: Yes! If you’d like to build, source, or reuse your own tabletop simply choose “No Tabletop” in the “Customize & Check Out” menu at . Please note that we cannot guarantee the fitness or performance of externally sourced tabletops with the CanDesk frame, so we encourage you to conduct your own due diligence. [We are here to answer any questions you may have along the way].

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: At this time our online store is only equipped to handle domestic orders shipping within Canada. To obtain a quote for international shipping please send an email to

Q: Is the CanDesk difficult to assemble?

A: No! We provide you with detailed assembly instructions and all the tools you need to put your CanDesk together. Assembly takes about 90 minutes for most first time buyers and we strongly recommend that at least two people work on the assembly in a large room with plenty of space. Please budget for extra time if you’re also assembling accessories.

Q: I need technical support, or I need help assembling or operating the CanDesk. Who do I contact?

A: Please send us an email to or call us at +1 (844) CAN – DESK and choose option 2.

Q: Which shipping company do you use?

A: For orders within the Greater Toronto Area, we may use our dedicated fulfillment crew to deliver your order, if possible. For all other domestic orders our CanDesks are shipped via FedEx and UPS.

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: The CanDesk comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty which includes the entire CanDesk assembly. If you experience difficulties with your CanDesk please contact us at or +1(844)226-3375. We will ship necessary replacement components to you free of charge.

Q: Can I pick up my CanDesk?

A: Yes! Please choose “Ship-to-Showroom” when you’re customizing your CanDesk and a member of our staff will send you a scheduling invitation to choose an appropriate pick up time.

Q: How long does order processing and shipping take?

A: Unless there is an unexpected delay, all orders ship out or are ready for pickup within 2 business days of being placed. Shipping times may vary depending on the shipping option chosen at checkout and the destination. For order tracking and customer convenience, tracking numbers are provided for all orders at the time of shipping.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: 30-day comprehensive money back guarantee, including return shipping and handling, for items returned in their original packaging in like-new condition.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Unless your order has shipped you may cancel it at any time for a full refund.

Q: Are discounts available for bulk orders?

A: Are you ordering large quantities of office furniture? Do you buy a substantial volume over the course of the year? That’s great! We offer additional discounts in those cases. You’ll also save on delivery costs! To request an additional discount, please contact us between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday to Friday by email at or by phone (toll-free) at 1-844-226-3375.

Q: How can I pay for my purchases?

A: We accept  all major credit cards for online orders and telephone orders. Additional methods of payment are available for institutional orders – please contact us at or +1(844)226-3375 to inquire.

Q: How can I place an order for a government or public sector agency?

A: We accept orders from schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics and any other government or public sector body or institution. To place an order, please use your purchase order number during the purchase process. One of our advisors will contact you to confirm your information.

Q: When will I be billed?

A: You will be emailed an automatic order confirmation soon after you place your order. Please take a few seconds to read it and make sure all the information is accurate. It is very important to notify us if you don’t receive the confirmation email within 24 hours after you place your online order.

Q: Which taxes will be charged?

A: The applicable sales taxes depend on the province of your delivery address. Details of any taxes (Goods and Services Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax and provincial sales tax) that apply to your order will be indicated in your order summary before you submit your payment.

Q: How do I order for a tax-exempt institution?

A: Please contact our sales department by email at or by phone (toll-free) at 1-844-226-3375. You will need to provide confirmation of your tax-exempt status.

Q: Can casters be installed on the CanDesk?

A:Absolutely! You’ll need four 1/2″ locking casters to turn your CanDesk into a mobile workstation, available at most department stores. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for incompatibility, injury, damage, or harm that occurs as a result of using casters instead of the included CanDesk feet. We urge you to keep your casters in the locked position at all times when the CanDesk is not in motion, and to excercise caution while moving the CanDesk, especially around children, animals, and stairs.

Q: Do you have a showroom where I can come in to see the CanDesk?

A: Our North York, Ontario showroom is presently being renovated. For Greater Toronto Area customers that are inconvenienced by this, please enjoy a complimentary Anti-Fatigue Mat to go along with your order, yours to keep in case you are not 100% satisfied with your CanDesk and choose to return it for a refund, as part of our satisfaction guarantee.