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Height adjustable standing desk with perfect ergonomics

Perfect Ergonomics

CanDesk is a Canada based height adjustable standing desk designed to work with your body to eliminate slouching, reduce neck and back strain, and improve longevity. Stand up straight and elevate the CanDesk to elbow height. Assign that altitude to position number one on your control panel and return to it every day – that is the ergonomically correct height for you. Elevate your computer monitors to about eye level, lock them in place, and get working. This is the most natural setup for your back, neck, and wrists, and you will never find a more comfortable working arrangement, guaranteed.

CanDesk More, Live Better

Sitting for up to 10 hours a day as most Canadians do is neither healthy nor enjoyable, and the CanDesk which is a height adjustable standing desk can help you halve your sitting hours instantly without even breaking a sweat. Mental alertness, mood, energy levels, and productivity also improve dramatically when you stand, further helping you blast through tasks and free up time to do the things that matter to you. The CanDesk still invites you to keep your chair for sitting breaks, but for those times when you want to feel energized and get ahead, the CanDesk is there to give you a push.


Elegant design means that the CanDesks’s gears and wires were designed to be completely hidden in its corpus.


Topped with a shiny laminate tabletop, the CanDesk adds sophistication to any work environment. Choose between two colors and three sizes to fit your space and your workload. At 78 inches wide, our Big Shot tabletop has enough room for last year’s vacation photos, this year’s tax returns, and next year’s forecasts.


Pragmatic engineering in the standing desk means that the CanDesk has enough muscle to handle over 300 pounds of weight and over 300 height changes an hour. You may never push the CanDesk to its limits, but we still built it with the expectation that you would.

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