Say you’re looking to buy a CanDesk, or you’ve recently purchased one, and you’re wondering what accessories to buy for it next. Well, the answer to this question depends entirely on you.

For instance, if you wear comfortable footwear such as running shoes or any other shoes with soft and supportive soles when you’re standing at your CanDesk, an Anti-Fatigue Mat is less important. If you wear dress shoes, heeled shoes, or any other kinds of shoes with firm unforgiving soles, we suggest that an Anti-Fatigue Mat be the first thing you buy. Having proper support is not only important for your bones and joints, it also makes you feel more comfortable and improves your stamina when you’re standing.

Depending on your height and your computer configuration, a Monitor Mount might be the next most important accessory that you buy for your CanDesk. The importance of maintaining a neutral posture throughout the day cannot be overstated. This means that your legs are straight, your back is straight, and your neck is straight. The job of the Monitor Mount is to ensure that you don’t have to keep bending your neck to look down (or up) at your screens for extended periods of time. You may be able to get away with this behaviour in the short to medium term if you take breaks and stretch often, but it will wreak havoc on your neck, shoulders, and upper back in the long term if it remains unchecked. The ability to raise, lower, tilt, turn, and twist your monitor/s to fit your body and your needs is crucial to ensuring your comfort throughout the day.  If you don’t use computers much during the course of your work day, perhaps a document holder should be on your wish list instead. The overriding objective remains the same: Keep everything as neutral, natural, and comfortable as possible.


A question we are often asked is whether we sell standing desk converters as well as our lineup of CanDesk standing desks.

Since our founding we have always marketed and distributed only standalone standing desk workstations and firmly believe that this type of product is superior in terms of durability ergonomics productivity comfort and practicality.

Let’s examine some of the differences between a standing desk converter and a standing desk stand-alone workstation such as the CanDesk.

One of the most obvious differences that you can see between a standing desk converter and a standing desk workstation is size . A standalone workstation will always offer more effective workspace to get your work done because it can have a larger table top . With a sit stand converter you place the contraption on top of your existing workstation, as such cutting down its size. It also requires you to be happy with your existing workstation and being willing to keep it when you are deciding to buy a standing desk converter because you will need to use it as a base for the converter, and hopefully it still looks alright too!

Another consideration and differentiator between a standing desk converter and a standing desk workstation such as the CanDesk is that the range of motion and the height adjustment range that a standing desk converter can offer you will never match that of a standalone workstation, thereby limiting the number of people for whom a standing desk converter would actually be ergonomically correct and comfortable to use.

A major consideration is durability and sturdiness and a standing desk converter due to being lighter weight and made of lighter materials will always be more flimsy and more likely to wobble during the course of normal use than a standing desk workstation which is built with heavy gauge steel.

There is of course a price difference usually between the price you pay for a converter and a standalone CanDesk workstation but considering that a typical workstation lasts upwards of ten years and sometimes more and can have a lasting impact on your health especially the health of your back you are much better off investing the money up front into a workstation that works for you and with you rather than a converter which is more likely to lead to health care expenses down the road and is less likely to last you a long time or leave you feeling well at the end of the day.

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